2018-2019 Academic Year Student Council Elections will be held in accordance with the Student Council Election Directive implemented at universities both in Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and adapted to suit EMU By-laws. (Please click on this link for details)  

Information about the elections which will be held between 26 October – 9 November, 2018 and candidate application forms can be obtained from the Student Portal. (Please click on this link for the election calendar)  

Elections for Department/Program Representatives in Faculties/Schools, Class Representatives at Faculty of Law, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Medicine and School Representative at English Preparatory School will be held electronically (via e-voting) on 6 November 2018. In Faculties/Schools and in English Preparatory School, elections will take place at election terminals established for this purpose with the presence of returning officers.  

In accordance with the election method to be followed, a department representative will be elected by students in each department (program) of faculties/schools.  

Only in Faculty of Law, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Medicine, a class representative will be elected for each year by the students of the same year. 

As for the elections for the representative from the English Preparatory School which will be held on 6 November 2018, a school representative will be elected among the candidates whose applications have been found suitable.

All (2-year and 4-year) undergraduate students enrolled in EMU (for the 2018-2019 Academic Year) can vote during the Student Council Elections. 

Elected department representatives, 4 class representatives at Faculty of Law, 6 class representatives at Faculty of Pharmacy and 3 class representatives at Faculty of Medicine will elect 1 person among themselves as the Faculty/School Representative with a closed voting method to be held on 7 November 2018

Eventually, EMU Student Council (composed of 14 members in total) will be formed by representatives from Faculties (11 members), School (1 member), English Preparatory School (1 member) and International Student Society (1 member).

During their first meeting on 8 November 2018, EMU Student Council members will appoint Executive Board members. They will elect a chair, a vice-chair, a secretary and a responsible person for financial affairs.

With its pioneering position in TRNC, Eastern Mediterranean University should be a model for other institutions for the practice of democracy and the demonstration of unity and solidarity. In this respect, I kindly ask all candidates and voters to go through the election process with utmost respect and understanding. Support and sensitivity of the academic and administrative staff during the elections period will also be highly appreciated.

With my best wishes

Prof.Dr. Sonuç Zorlu OĞURLU

Vice-Rector for

(Student Affairs)

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